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Heroines raising their voice

Heroines raising their voiceUsually general public think heroines have to share bed with stars and at certain times with directors or producers to get a place in the film, though it cannot be completely ruled out now a days a lot of new comers firmly saying no to such kind of practices .The reasons for this are many .

Unlike in the past a lot of heroines with decent background and good academic record making it to film industry. They are not tolerating these unruly elements at certain times not taking chances even to complain to the police.

In a recent development actor Pawan kalyan tried to win over his co-star in ‘’Jalsa’’ Parvathi Melton (debuted in successful film VENNEALA paring with Raja) and offered her a golden necklace but she refused to accepted. Later he got her accept that offer giving it through his wife Renu desai. It is said Parvathi Melton who is born to European father and Indian mother is thoroughly professional.

In a related development a lot of heroines not caring some of the big stars and preferring to act only with some young heroes.

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