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Hearing of Salman’s case postponed to October 9

Hearing of Salman’s case postponed to October 9

Hearing of Salman Khan’s hit and run case was to resume today after repeated hearing about missing documents concerning the case which have not been submitted till now. The trial is postponed to October 9 by the court as it was bring to its notice that Salman’s lawyer is not well.
The trial judge DG Deshpande was informed by Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat that Salman’s lawyer Sriknat Shivade was not well and due to this reason the scheduled trial couldn’t take place.
The court has postponed the trial for a fortnight and asked the prosecution to keep the witnesses ready on the next date. Salman was not present at the trial today.
The proceedings in the hit and run case were halted because 63 original statements of witnesses and case diaries were missing from the custody of the police. When inquiry was done by Rakesh Maria regarding the documents then they were found in the police station itself.
A fresh trial in Salman’s case was announced by the sessions court on December 5 last year. The ground on which this step was taken was that the witnesses had not been examined in the context of aggravated charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.
Salman was earlier adjourned in the court for the offence of causing death by negligence. He was given an imprisonment of two years while at the offence of culpable homicide not amounting to murder he was given a 10-year sentence.
The magistrate examined 17 witnesses and came to the conclusion that it is a case of culpable homicide and he referred it to the sessions court because trial of cases of culpable homicide can only be looked by courts higher than magisterial courts.

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