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Haven’t cut Bruni from movie, says Allen

Haven't cut Bruni from movie, says Allen

London, Sep 15, Ace Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen has refuted reports he cut scenes featuring French first lady Carla Bruni from his upcoming film, insisting he’s delighted with her work.

The former model and singer joined Owen Wilson on the set of “Midnight in Paris” to film scenes as a tour guide back in July, but reports surfaced earlier this month claiming Allen was unhappy with Bruni’s work and decided not to include her in the final edit, reports contactmusic.com.

But the 74-year-old filmmaker has dismissed the rumours, telling reporters everything the beauty filmed has made the movie.

“This is a hundred percent untrue. She’s in the picture. Everything she shot is in the picture. I love her. She’s great. It’s not a big part, but it’s a respectable part. Everything was totally made up,” he said.

He also cleared up reports Bruni was difficult to work with.

“She was no problem at all. I was delighted with her,” he said.

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