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Hansika Facing Criticism For Good Work

Hansika Facing Criticism For Good Work

To earn money is talent but to maintain that position is still a bigger talent. Usually people try all possible tactics to not come in the eyes of Income Tax people. The latest rumors are that Hansika adopting children is one such tactic. When asked by media persons about this she said that all these are baseless talk and denied these allegations. She said, “I am doing it on humanitarian basis.” She has adopted 25 children till date. After adopting so many children, there are rumors that she is showing huge bills for providing necessary nutrition to them to the Income Tax department. She is facing criticism from all the sectors. Annoyed at this she said that it is the habit of the people to find fault in others who want to do good for the society. In her words, “If I want to evade tax then there are many ways of doing it. I can invest abroad or invest in companies. Why will I do it in the grab of supporting street children?”
Recently Hansika is also criticized by Shiv Sena members for adopting 25 children accusing her that she has some selfish motive behind it.

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