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Gundello Godari Movie Review

Gundello Godari Movie Review

Manchu Lakshmi is planning to open success floods for her Manchu Entertainment Banner with a film on Godavari floods titled ‘Gundello Godari’


Right after Malli (Aadi) and Chitra(Manchu Lakshmi) marriage ceremony, Godavari in spate enters the entire village and the wedding venue. Everyone will run for cover and Malli and Chitra will be left alone. To save themselves they try to hold on to whatever they could before settling on a roof top. Then comes the real twist with Chitra questioning why Sarala(Tapsee) presented Malli a costly ring and Malli enquiring about the chain presented by Dora Babu(Ravi Babu) to Chitra. What is the secret behind it forms Gundello Godari.


Aadi did well in the role of fisherman and it seems his experience in donning similar roles in Tamil came to his rescue. Manchu Lakshmi showed various expressions while Tapsee looked beautiful and red hot. Her dialogue delivery is good. Sandeep Kishen looked handsome and his performance is ok. Others did their job suitably.

Plus Points

-two to three songs.
-Tapsee beauty
-Manchu Lakshmi’s expressions
-Adi,Sandeep roles
-CG effects, graphics

Minus Points
-Storyline, Weak Script
-Boring item songs
-slow pace of the film


Director with his titanic mind set completely ignored the direction and screenplay part. As such there are many unwanted scenes which are included and had he edited and worked on the script and narration with stress on visual effects film could have been on another orbit. His idea of having flash back during godavari floods is ok but dragging it did not go well with the film. The flash back episodes which should be the highlight and lifeline for the film, failed to generate interest.

Production values are good. Music of Ilayaraja is good in two songs. Background score is ok. Editing could have been better. Cinematography is beautiful

Final talk

Manchu’s dreams of success floods evaporated very quickly.

Directed by Kumar Nagendra
Produced by Lakshmi Manchu
Starring Aadhi,Lakshmi Manchu,Sundeep Kishan,
Taapsee Pannu
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography M.R.Palanikumaar
Studio Manchu Entertainment
Distributed by BlueSky (overseas)

The Rating

2.75 out of 5

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