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Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

Gunde Jhallumandi - Review

Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

A film that disappointed Udaykiran again

Most of the directors had a strong belief that bringing out a love subject is very easy. Many love stories came on the Telugu screen. With a little twist in the storyline, Madan tried to bring out a movie with Udaykiran, probably he continued to believe that the latter is still carrying the lover boy image. But the director lost grip on the story several times. Though he prepared the storyline, but could not prepare the script after unveiling the suspense on the hero for the heroine. He meandered in different ways and somehow finished the film.

Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

Balaraju (Udaykiran) saves Neelima (Aditi Sarma) when Subbareddy (Ajay) tries to kidnap her. While thrashing Subba Reddy and his gang, Neelima could see only a tattoo on the shoulder of Balaraju and they both disperse without meeting each other. In fact, Balaraju and Subbaredy had differences in their village for village sarpanch post. As per the tradition of the village, the sarpanch should have a degree qualification. In order to gain the degree Balaraju goes to the city and joins a college. Unknowingly, Neelima gives moral support to Balaraju, when everyone in the college tries to insult him. This makes both of them turn good friends. Neelima’s sister elopes with her boyfriend and their father (Ahuti Prasad) feels bad for the incident. So Neelima doesn’t want to fall in love. But, her heart wishes that her boyfriend should be like the one who saved her from goons. To avoid proposals of love from boys, she creates a fictitious boyfriend called Rajesh. Incidentally, when a senior tries to tease Neelima, Balaraju rough them up and Neelima realises that it was Balaraju. But, by that time, Neelima, in order to prevent a proposal from Balaraju enacts the drama that she was in love with Rajesh. How Neelima unravelled the truth that Rajesh is fictitious to Balarju? Did Balaraju able to propose to Neelima again and win her heart? What kind of circumstances Neelima faced when her father learns that she was in love with someone? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

Gunde Jhallumandi Movie Review

Udaykiran improved a lot and built up good muscles. He showed good ease in action scenes by shedding his loverboy image. Moreover, he showed good ease in dances too. The most interesting and fascinating point is that he improved a lot in his diction too. Aditi Sarma is good as heroine. She got a good opportunity to show her ability in performance right in her debut film. She is glamorous and had the qualities of girl-next door.

Ajay’s villainy is routine. Ahuti Prasad played well as a caring father of a girl. Venumadhav’s opening scene evokes laughter but the repetition of similar scenes again and again bored the audiences and he completely failed in tickling the funny bones of audiences.


Camera work by Prabhakar Reddy is okay. But KV Krishna Reddy might have faced a tough task in editing the film as the director lost grip on the story while scripting the screenplay. Music by Keeravani is good in parts with a couple of songs appearing melodious but as a whole the music is poor. It is not known why Keeravani took such a long time for re-recording as it did not appear so great on the screen. The director made several mistakes throughout the film. Up to the interval bang the film which goes with love game is somewhat interesting. But after the unwinding of the secret that the hero is the one the heroine looking for, the film came to a screeching halt. The director groped in the dark as if he doesn’t know how to prolong the story further. So he gave several twists to the story but finally lost his mind and the film turned a puzzle. Somehow he completed the film. Dialogues scripted by the director himself are good in parts.


Don’t go to the theatre just by reading the name of the director, who scripted a very good story for ‘Aa Naluguru’ and who had directed an interesting family subject ‘Pellaina Kothalo’. It is not known where all his skills in penning a very good story and screenplay have gone. The first half though runs slowly is just okay but the second half tested the patience of audiences. After the film, the audiences really heave a sigh of relief, as their hearts really shake for a while for watching an atrocious movie.

Cast: Udaykiran, Aditi Sarma, Ajay, Ahuti Prasad, Jayaprakash Reddy, Srinivasa Reddy, Venumadhav, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Surekha Vani, Vidya and Madhumani, Master Rhythm, and others

Lyrics – Sivashakti Datta and Chaitanya Prasad
Camera – Prabhakar Reddy J
Editing – KV Krishna Reddy
Art – Nagendra Prasad
Music – Keeravani
Presents – Paruchuri Kireeti
Producer – Paruchuri Sivarama Prasad
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction – Madan
Banner: United Movies

Released on: September 12, 2008.

2.5 out of 5

Review by Aparichithudu

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