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Gunasekhar ‘s Rudrama In Warangal

Gunasekhar 's Rudrama In Warangal

Gunasekhar’s prestigious project Rudhramadevi starring Anushka is making news even before it went to sets. The film unit which recently finished its test shoot in Germany, is now currently conducting research at Warangal visiting historical venues, temple and forts constructed during Kakatiya rule.

Rudhramadevi is historical 3D film which is based on the life of Rani Rudrama Devi, who was one of the most prominent rulers of Kakatiya Kingdom.Gunasekhar in his media interactions said “We did a test shoot for a week in Germany and I am extremely happy with the result. Now, we are visiting several historical monuments like 1000 pillared temple, Warangal fort, Ramappa temple and other places in Warangal to research about the architecture of Kakatiyas. Thota Tharani is going to design the sets of the film based on these monuments,” Ilayaraja is going to score the music and Ajay Vincent is the cinematographer. Kamal Kannan is the VFX supervisor.

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