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Gunasekhar gives up Kathi movie title

Gunasekhar gives up Kathi movie title

Director Gunasekhar, who had registered title Kathi and announced Ravi Teja as the hero of the movie sometime ago, finally said that he was not interested in the title.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is using the title by prefixing his name in English. “I am pained that the film chamber did not come to my rescue,” Gunasekhar said.

Gunasekhar apologized for Tollywood directors who asked for the title earlier and he rejected.

Allu Aravind gave me title of Arjun said Gunasekhar. Recently, there was severe fight over the title of Khaleja. Finally, Mahesh was prefixed to the title. Khaleja, who had registered it originally, may not make a movie. Mani Ratnam had to rename his movie as Villain. It is also doubtful, that a movie with title of Raavan to come in Tollywood in near future.

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