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Green Signal Movie Review

Green Signal Review

Green Signal, the Youthful entertainer movie is all set to hit the screens with a lot of expectations. It is a story of 4 couples with Revanth, Gopal Sai, Ashutosh, Rakshita, Maanas, Shillpi Sharma, Dimple and Manjula Rathod playing the lead roles. The short budget film has been greatly promoted .
Sandy (Manas) the romantic guy loses his job for his way of living later, goes after a wealthy girl, who turns his capital all the time.
Gopal Sai alias Google is a Software Engineer. He will be training students and eventually, falls in love with one (Sweety) among them.

Naidu (Revanth) loves a girl on facebook without any identity. With sheer coincidence, comes across other girl with the same name Jessi (Rakshitha). Both of them manage to start a relationship from then.
Prem (Ashutosh) is a Fashion Designer. He has got a girl friend- Leela (Chandra).

What is their love story? All of them were friends. How did they win their love? How did those girls use them? Does it turn a selfish love story? Sandy is in relationship with Devika of graveyard and why did he choose another? What about Sandy’s girl, who has got different names- Stella, Fathima, Meera. What happened at last?

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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