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Goutham Menon,Harris Jayaraj Combo Again

Goutham menon,Harris Jayaraj Combo Again

Great director-producer Goutham menon going to team up with his friend harris Jayaraj. Deep in to the news, he is changed his tone by praising music director Harris Jayaraj. Earlier he praised music melody king IIayaraja during his movie “Nee Dhane En Pon Vasantham’ audio function but unfortunately the movie was not success at the box office. But now when he was asked to choose best among the music composers he said it is Harris Jayaraj. He said that” I and Harish Share the best chemistry as we grew together in the Industry as newcomers”

He added” I and Harish to jog at 4clk in the morning discussing about music and movies. We both used to produce exceptional music together on the basis of the friendship and trust.This seems to be once again team together for the coming movies.

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