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Gouravam Movie Review

Gouravam Movie Review

Arjun (Allu Sirish) is a rich kid who has all the luxuries in life. One fine day, his dad sends him to a village called S M Palli for some business work. As Arjun’s best friend Shankar also hails from that village, Arjun happily accepts to go there. On landing in the village, Arjun comes to know that his friend Shankar has eloped with the daughter of Pashupathi(Prakash Raj), a rich land lord in the village, and is missing from the past six months.
After meeting Shankar’s dad and finding out some bitter truths about Shankar, Arjun decides to stay in the village and find his missing friend. A young lawyer called Yamini (Yami Gautam) assists him in his work.
How does Arjun unravel the whole mystery and expose the people behind it? That forms the story of ‘Gauravam’.

Plus Points
Prakash Raj performing

Minus Points
Slow phased narration
Single point story
No commercial elements
Lack of comedy


Gouravam story is distinctive and powerful. Allu Sirish makes a decent first appearance with Gauravam. He had done a decent job here. Yami Gautam looks charming. Prakash Raj looks appropriate. Suspense component in the movie is good quality. The gentleman who performed as a role of Prakash Raj’s child, he has done a outstanding job. Brahmaji, L B Sriram are having some of the important roles. First half of the movie is totally missing commercial essentials in the movie. Interval part of the movie is just ok. Yami Gautam has not anything to perform in the movie except to appear in the outline.

Final talk
Overall movie is just average.

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