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Gopichand Replaces Bhupathi Pandian With Srivaas

Gopichand Replaces Bhupathi Pandian With Srivaas

Tamil director Bhupathi Pandian, who is known for hit films like Devathayai Kanden, Malaikottai and Thiruvilayadal Arambam, has been roped in to direct the GopichandNayanatara film as it is a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil. The film is tentatively titled Jagan Mohan IPS.

However, all is not well with the making of the film. Unit sources say that Gopichand was aghast at the haphazard way the scenes are being canned and also the way last minute changes are being made in the script on the sets. The actor is believed to have demanded a bound script before any further shooting. Bhupathi is said to have been miffed at this demand by Gopichand and threatened to quit.

Producer Tandra Ramesh of Balaji Real Media Pvt Ltd reportedly decided to replace Bhupathi Pandian with Srivaas, who earlier directed Gopichand in the hit film Lakshyam.

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