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‘Gopala Gopala’ Repeats ‘Mayabazar’ Scene

'Gopala Gopala' Repeats 'Mayabazar' Scene

In ‘Gopala Gopala‘ multi starrer Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh movie one of the scenes of the all time best classics of Tollywood, ‘Mayabazar’s scene was referred and was repeated. In ‘Mayabazar’, lord Krishna disguises as an old man to give an advice to Ghatotkhacha (SVR) as the latter enters Dwaraka to deal with an important task. Ghatotkhacha tries to move the old man from his place but in vain. Finally, lord Krishna (NTR) shows his appearance and gives Ghatotkhacha some advises.
Pawan Kalyan, who is in the likeness, of a common man, challenges Venkatesh to move him from his position and Venkatesh too gets failed in the test. There are many such thought provoking scenes in the movie.

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