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Goody Mahesh

Goody Mahesh.Now a day like in their reel life many stars turning goody in their real life and the latest to join the list is ‘star in demand’ Mahesh. A la chiranjeevi Mahesh too appealed his fans go for altruism.

Mahesh’ father super star Krishna is now busy with blue print in the days Mahesh fans will involve themselves in many activities.

All know that Balakrihsna is serving through a charity house named after his mother Basavatarakam, Chiranjeevi in his own name, Venktesh carrying out good Samaritan activities through his father’ Rama Naidu trust.

But no body knows what happened to Pawan Kalyan’ ‘’COMMON MAN PROTECTION FUND”?

Are there any politics behind this social service?

Going by the active role, now Chiranjeevi fan associations playing for his forth coming political outfit, many smelling a rat.

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