Golconda High School Movie Review

Golconda High School Movie Review

Golconda High School Movie Movie Review

The Film

Golconda High School has a novel sports theme stressing on the need for the academics to be coupled with sports and the co-operation of parents in restoring the reputation of an educational institution.

The Synopsis

Golkonda High School situated in Hyderabad once had a great reputaion of being numero uno in both academics and sports. It always won the school cricket championship. Presently, the school run by a board of trustees is tottering on both the academics and sports fronts.

Kiriti Babu (Subba Raju), a trust board member, proposes that since the school is poor in sports distinction, there is no need for a school play ground and a big common entrance test coaching centre should be built there, which will improve the revenues of the school trust. This proposal is supported by Vice Principal Madhu Babu (Shafi). However, Principal Vishwanath (Tanikella Bharani) secretly opposes the proposal and requests for time to restore the sporting excellence of the school. He gets his time but has to win the state school cricket tournment to keep the playground from being a coaching center.

Vishwanath invites Sampath (Sumanth) who is an old student of the school and a former cricket champion and appoints him as the coach. He takes up the challenge. Though some faculty members sneer at his attempts to build a winning team, he gets the support from English Teacher Anjali (Colors Swathi).

The trials and tribulations of Sampath in shaping up the school team and the saving of the play ground by winning the tournment forms the rest of the story.

The Performances

Sumanth has given a very credible and creditable performance. Swathi looks cute. Tanilella is competent. Subba Raju and Shafi look quite menacing. The school kids are a true pleasure to watch. All others portray those roles well.

The Techniques

A novel theme, totally out of the box, has been dealt with competence. The characters are aptly delineated. The screenplay is well written and the dialogues are meaningful. Cinematography is the highlight of the film and adds to the narration values. Audiography and background score is good. Production values are good.

The Verdict

Golconda High School is worth watching because it does not belong to the regular run of the mill commercial formula film. However, it has an interesting narration and good performances.

The Cast and Crew

Sumanth, Swathi, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Shafi, Hema, Sivannarayana, Ravi, Jhansi and others

Music: Kalyan Malik

Cinematography: K K Senthil Kumar

Producer: P Ram Mohan

Banner: Art Beat Capital Pvt Ltd

Director: Indraganti Mohana Krishna

The Rating

3 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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