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Genius Movie Review

Genius Movie Review

Omkar’s debut film ‘Genius’ starring Havish,Sanusha is grandly release on today. The film starred young pair Havish, Sanusha in lead with special role from Sarath Kumar. Let us see what impact Omkar created with Genius and find out whether there is any truth in the controversy generated on the film. Aswin, Abhinaya, Chandramohan, K.Viswanath, Pradeep Rawath, Ashish Vidyarthi,Anita,Swetha Basu Prasad and Rekha and even Scarlet Jackson are starring in the film. Joshwa Sridhar is the music director. Chinni Krishna is the story writer and dialogues are taken care by Parachuri Brothers.


Genius story is about Politics, Cricket and Films, these three very significant activities in our current society. Nivas (Hero) is the son of a priest (Suman). From a very young age, he is inspired by MLA Nanaji (Pradeep Rawat) and wants to become a leader. He also has two friends, Yaasir and Koti. Yaasir is a fan of a cricket player Nizamuddin (Adarsh), while Koti is a die hard fan of film star Peddapuram Peda Babu (Ashish Vidyardhi). A situation arises in such a way that which totally turns their life up and down. What are those situations have to be see on silver screen.


Omkar on his debut came out with powerful script with strong message to students. He did well till the first half maintaining the suspense part well to the point. Brahmanadam’s comedy though not in sync with the story created a strong impact on movie lovers. However he lost the plot completely with too much seriousness in the second half. arachuri Brothers dialogues made strong impact. Student and fan power is not shown in a correct manner and climax is the big draw back with too much violence for the last ten minutes of the film. Film’s second half could have been fine tuned. Lot of item songs put speed breaks on the tempo of the film. Omkar even missed the romantic angle between the lead pair.

Plus points
1. Dialogues

2. Brahmanandam comedy episode

3. Second half

4. Cinematography

Minus Points
1. Too many songs in the first half
2. Screenplay
3. ‘Genius’ title is neither credible nor logical
.4. Leads of film

Final talk

Genius is a movie that has been let down by bad execution. The basic concept and the message that the film tried to convey are laudable, but they fail to make an impact here.


Directed by Ohmkkar
Produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar
Screenplay by Vissu
Story by Chinnikrishna
Paruchuri Brothers (Dialogues)
Starring Havish,Sanusha,R. Sarathkumar,Ashwin Babu,Vinoth,Abhinaya
Music by Joshua Sridhar
Cinematography Diwakaran Raghunathan
Editing by M R Varmaa
Studio Ramadhootha Creations
Oak Entertainment

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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