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Genelia breaks up with boyfriend

Genelia breaks up with boyfriend

Genelia breaks up with boyfriend

The smiling beauty, Genelia D’ Souza is a well known name in Tollywood. What is not that well known is that she also acted in a Bollywood film opposite Ritesh Deshmukh some four years ago.

The two fell in love slowly and had began seeing each other regularly ever since.

Ritesh and Genelia finally decided to tie the knot. But Ritesh’s father, Vilasrao Deshmukh, chief minister of Maharashtra, did not approve of the love affair.
Even Genelia’s parents were not willing to allow her to marry a person outside their caste.

Genelia is a Goan Christian and Ritesh is a pucca Maharashtrian.
With the parents on both sides opposed to the marriage, Ritesh and Genelia have now reconciled themselves to it.

Genelia thinks that the break up was actually caused by a young hero in Tollywood who is angry with her for not reciprocating his advances. He is believed to have spread some bad stories about her and they reached Ritesh’s father’s ears.

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