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Genelia brand ambassador of the year

Genelia brand ambassador of the year

Genelia D’Souza has been crowned as the Brand Ambassador of the year by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Awards.

She is currently endorsing nine brands. Cadbury’s Perk, Fanta, Spinz, Dabur Vatika, LG Cookie, Virgin, Margo, Garnier and Fasttrack are the brands.

“It is an honour that CNBC AWAAZ and the Indian consumers have chosen to bestow upon me and I couldn’t be happier. Stalwarts like Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar have been awarded this prestigious title in the past and I’m only glad that people think I’m worthy of the same,” Genelia said in a statement.

“This award symbolises a bridge between the consumer and the brand and I consider it a huge responsibility. I hope I continue to do even better in the future and I’m sure I will as I have a very strong team with me that help me build, grow and sustain. My success is as much theirs as it is mine,” she added.

“dis is a personal tweet 2all my 186681 tweethearts, thank ul so much, ul complete me..tight hug, ” she tweeted in response to overflowing congratulatory messages.

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