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Gamyam Krish Not To Kill Hero

Gamyam Krish Not To Kill Hero

Gamyam-fame Jagarlamudi Radha Krishna, aka Krish, is not going to kill the hero this time. He made an important declaration that he will not kill the hero this time. He killed Gali Seenu (Naresh) in Gamyam, the man walked away with critical acclaim, later in ‘Vedam‘ he killed Cable Raju (Allu Arjun), ditto with him plus an award.┬áHe makes jovial assertion that “Audience ni champatam kanna story lo hero ni champithe better anukunna.”(I thought its better to kill a hero than audience)

Then when will he start working on his new film? He’s wrapping up the draft in a couple of weeks and will work out the finer details soon. He announces that it would be a bilingual film. It has been quite a while that Vedam’s remake Vaanam had lifted him up in Tamil Nadu. Talk anything and everything, the conversation inevitably veers towards both his films. So passionate he is about his characters and stories.

On asking whether he is in search of someone to marry, he replies hilariously, “I prefer hunting for scripts and leave the job of hunting for girls to my mother.”

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