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Gamyam Best Telugu Film: Searchandhra.com poll

Gamyam Best Telugu Film: jollyhoo.com poll

Gamyam Best Telugu Film: jollyhoo.com poll

jollyhoo.com invited its esteemed viewers to participate in a poll to decide the best film in Telugu.
An overwhelming 26% of jollyhoo.com viewers voted Gamyam as the best picture.

Hereunder are the poll results:
Gamyam 26% (649 votes)
Kotha Bangaru Lokam 22% (550 votes)
Yuvatha 5% (116 votes)
Nachavule 13% (332 votes)
Vinayakudu 7% (184 votes)
Ashta Chemma 6% (162 votes)
Ullasanga Uthsahamga 10% (257 votes)
None of the above 3% (86 votes)
Other: 8% (190 votes)

Total Votes: 2526

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