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Game show to promote Sarkar Raj

Producer-director Ram Gopal Varma is leaving no stone unturned to promote his film Sarkar Raj. Varma, along with his co-producer Pravin Nischal, has tied up with a cell phone game developer, which has conceptualised and designed a game based on the storyline of the film.
The game is based on Shankar Nagre, the protagonist of the film played by Abhishek Bachchan. The player has to solve a kidnapping mystery and prove his innocence battling all his adversaries.
“The essence of Sarkar Raj is sheer power, and when you couple that with a medium that is as powerful as the mobile phone then the end result is bound to be fascinating. The game is highly engaging, and I think one can spend hours fighting the goons,” said Varma.
The graphics of the game have been fashioned to highlight the intensity of the movie and screenplay. They have also customised unique downloads of animations, wallpapers, colour logos, videos and themes for the film.

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