Gajaraju Movie Review

Gajaraju Movie Review

Hero Prabhu’s son and Legendary Sivaji Ganesan’s grandson Vikram Prabhu’s debut film in Telugu as ‘Gajaraju’. The film directed by Prabhu Salmon has the tagline ‘A Wild Love Story’. Bellamkonda Suresh and Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu are producing the film. Lakshmi Menon is playing female lead role. The movie is releasing across Andhra Pradesh today


Story begins with Bopanna (Vikram Prabhu) and his pet elephant Manikyam finding their livelihood. Konangi (Thambi Ramaiah) and Hundi look after the elephant’s well being. In parallel there is Devagiri Aadivasi Hilly Forest Region, where a wild elephant Kapali strays into human settlements damaging their fields. With no support from Police and Government, Devagiri hamelt chief Papayya (Anantha Vaidyanathan) decides to hire a Kumki elephant to save the people. (Kumki means an elephant used for capturing and training of wild forest elephants)…

Unfortunately Bopanna has to land in Devagiri bluffing the villagers saying that his innocent elephant Manikyam is a Kumki. Later on Bopanna was forced to continue his drama because he falls in love with Village chief’s daughter Singi (Lakshmi Menon). At a time when Singi too reacts positively for the love, dangerous threat comes in the form of Kapali. A deadly fight between Kapali and Manikyam ends in death of both elephants, Konangi and Hundi. Very late in the climax, Bopanna realizes on how the mistake of falling love with Singi has taken the lives of his own people.

Vikram Prabhu shows good potential for a newcomer and he can go a long way if he grooms himself a little. Lakshmi Menon steals the show with a good performance that is natural and balanced.

Thambi Ramaiah’s comedy is a major asset for the movie and he comes in whenever things start getting a little slow

The film has beautiful visuals and the beauty of the forest is laid before you in all its glory. The waterfall in the forest has been shot majestically

Very few Telugu movie lovers will find this movie appealing. As is the case with most Tamil dubbed films, excessive Tamil nativity and a tragic ending spoil the experience for viewers. Brilliant cinematography and a few good songs are plus points for the movie. If you want to see something different this weekend and don’t mind a slow pace with next to no entertainment, you may try this flick

Director : Prabhu Solomon
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Music Director : D. Imman
Starring : Vikram Prabhu,Lakshmi Menon
Cinematography : Sukumar

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

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