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Gabbar Singh is a hardcore fan’s gift to his Power Star- Harish Shankar

Gabbar Singh is a hardcore fan’s gift to his Power Star- Harish Shankar

a Harish Shankar, the director of Gabbar Singh is a big fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and he has been a fan even before he got himself associated with film industry. He was elated when he got opportunity to work with his favorite star for Dabangg remake and has started working on the script afresh. Many think that there is little that anyone can do with a remake film but Harish thought otherwise. He has started reworking on the script keeping his favorite star’s image in mind. As a fan he is working very hard to show Pawan Kalyan in the best possible way and design the film such that it remains memorable in Power Star’s career.

His love for Pawan Kalyan is not restricted to his film and he expressed his happiness over the recently released Panjaa teaser. He tweeted that watching Panjaa teaser is like having darshan of god and he expressed his eagerness to watch the film at the earliest. He also said people who are surprised at his response that he is the fan first and director next. He says that there could be many people- Students, Job holders and families who love Pawan Kalyan but he is the only director who dies for the power star. There are many who thought his comments were not appropriate but they don’t know that except on sets where he is a director, he behaves like a fan elsewhere and no one can stop him from expressing his views.

Harish is very happy with Panjaa teaser and is expecting the film to be a super hit so that his Gabbar Singh could raise expectations as well as sell at fancy prices bringing profits to the producers. He is also happy with various controversial news items appearing on various websites as he feels publicity, good or bad is always good for a film and he appreciates his baiters just the way he does his fans.

With the director establishing the fact that the film is being made to show his favorite star in best way, the expectation has raised sky high on Gabbar Singh and Power Star fans are eagerly looking forward for the film release.

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