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From Writing to Directions

From Writing to Directions

The duo Kona Venkat and Gopimohan  who are the victorious as writers are entering into the new league of writers turning as directors. Both of them are in direction trials from the time they were working for Srinu Vytla and other star directors handling the scripts and penning hilarious punches.
Finally if everything goes right both of them might get a strong break in next year.
Gopimohan has even blocked the dates of Sunil for a wonderful story with all commercial stuff which was also liked by producer Anil Sunkara. The movie which will establish Gopi as a director might get on sets very soon.
It is heard that Kona Venkat is interested in directing only Mega camp heroes for his debut film and he is firm on this.
Let us wish Kona and Gopi all the very best.

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