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Friends are just like family: Barrymore



London, Sep 5 (IANS) Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore says her friends are the most important people in her life and she regards them as family.

The “Poison Ivy” actress, who is believed to be dating actor Justin Long, doesn’t mind not having children because her pals are the most important thing in her life, reports contactmusic.com.

“I feel like I do have a family, they are my friends and they really mean everything to me. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends. I feel like I almost live my life to be able to have the luxury of being around them,” she said.

“And I feel like, if I’ve got in touch with what is important in life, my friends are the first thing on my list. They are my heart,” she added.

Despite her hectic work life, the 35-year-old beauty always finds the time to catch up with friends and regularly books them into hotels and apartments for weekend breaks.

“I just want to make my friends laugh. I want to make them feel that if they had a bad day I could be someone who provides dinners or atmospheres or weekends where we can all sort of go away and relax and sort of spend time with each other. I definitely like organising things socially,” she said.

“Do I cook for them? No, no, no. I provide a place and some wine and we just try and make each other laugh,” she added.

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