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For Anushka Inner Beauty is Important

For Anushka Inner Beauty is Important

Anushka Shetty is among the leading actresses on South and she has been working in Tollywood for almost a decade and she is still considered as hot property till now.

Every heroine doesn’t have the same sizes and features and they also vary in wage depending on their popularity and demand. Anushka’s plus point is her well toned body and sexy figure.
From the time she has made her debut, Anushka has always been cooperative to her producers, co-stars and directors. She always is ready for skin show and steamy scenes providing a feast to the eyes of audiences. When asked about the secret of her perfect figure and the best part in her body, Anushka replied that attitude, staying fit physically and mentally is very important for an actress. Anushka said that inner beauty is more important than the curvy figures and heavy assets.

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