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Football versus cricket versus Villain versus Raavan

Football versus cricket versus Villain versus Raavan

Is Mani Ratnam taking chance by releasing his tri-lingual film Raavan during FIFA world cup? It is only matter of few days to get answer for this tricky question.

Cricket and football have both been called the beautiful game. One is global and most watched in the world. The other is a little provincial game.

Mani Ratnam is pitting his Villain against these popular games by releasing it on June 18. Soccer mania has truly gripped the country. Newspapers are full of football news. The internet is overflowing with news and pictures of FIFA 2010.

The doctor says there is a higher chance of husbands having sex with their wives if the teams they support win.

As the FIFA matches start at 5.00 pm IST, there is threat for first show and second show at least from soccer fans

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