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Five Heroines To Sizzle Beside Mohan Babu

Five Heroines To Sizzle Beside Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu will be seen as single hero in his next venture. Recently there was a buzz that he is going to be seen as father in law of Sunil in a film tentatively titled Rayudugariki Kopam Vachindi. Interestingly, Mohan Babu made a different announcement about his next project formally. Contradicting the gossip, Mohan Babu said he would act as the only hero in his upcoming film and its script is being written togetherly by Kona Venkat, Gopimohan and BVS Ravi. He also revealed another curious fact about it. The flick is going to have five heroines beside Mohan Babu. Bonus offer is all of them are leading heroines in Telugu film industry, the Collection King mentions. It is no surprise that every average film from Mohan Babu has lot of oomph factor spiced up in it. Then imagine how would a five heroine bonanza looks like..

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