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First Talk:Asura not Really up to the Mark

First Talk:Asura not Really up to the Mark

Nara Rohit starrer Asura had been released today and as per the audience and critic reviews, the film has been a bit disappointing and might not get the kind of success it was expected to. To begin with, the film has been a bit off track in the narration part, and though it has an interesting storyline, it was not narrated properly and characters weren’t given the backdrop that they deserved. Nara Rohith’s acting and dialogues as a Jailor was well appreciated in the movie, but his physique looks a bit too plump for the role of a police officer that he is playing.

The heroine Priya Banerjee hasn’t got much to do, and the music in the film is average. The film lasts for around 2 hours, and this could be a saving grace for the movie. On the whole, the film averaged a rating of around 2.75-3, and might be an average grosser, though it could have well had a chance to be a hit of properly made.

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