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First Reviews: Welcome to Karachi

First Reviews: Welcome to Karachi

Vashu Bhagnani eagerly awaited film Welcome to Karachi which also stars his son Jackky along with Arshad Warsi has been released and from the first reviews and audience feedback for the film, seems that the movie is passable and worth a view, though not as exceptional as that can be expected from Arshad Warsi’s comedy films.

The film did a good job in the first half, and did have it share of many funny moments, but the second half loses steam due to the bad cinematography and lack of a convincing storyline and direction. The attempt by the director to create Karachi’s by lanes in sets based in England could have been done better, though they look convincing. The heroine Lauren Gottlieb looks sensual and has a great dance number. She is an international actress and choreographer and could see a promising career in Bollywood.

The film is about two youth who plan to reach USA illegally through a boat, but land up in Karachi where they are kidnapped. The story is about their escape from their captors and has funny references to the current relations (Political and Cricket)between India and Pakistan.

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