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First Feedback and Review: Rakshashudu Terribly Disappoints

First Feedback and Review: Rakshashudu Terribly Disappoints

Suriya’s Masss has been dubbed in Telugu as Rakshasudu and the movie has been released yesterday. The film was supposed to be a horror thriller with a comic twist, but the entire film together came out as a director’s mess, with a good storyline that could have been made better. The horror part is initially good, but at later times, the only comedy you get to see is the pathetically made horror that makes you hold your head in disgust. is completed wasted and at least her glamour quotient could have been used. The second heroine Praneetha has a blink and miss role for about 10 minutes.

The film is about an orphan (Masss aka Madhusudhan)who gets to see and communicate with ghosts due to an accident, and uses that to gang up with a team of ghosts and starts earning money by sending them to locations and then removing them when contacted by the house owners. His deal with ghosts is to earn money in such a way and help them with their unresolved matters. Masss is then approached by another ghost for help, (also played by Suriya) who uses him to take revenge for the killing of his family members. Turns that the second Suriya is the father of Masss.

The film terribly disappoints when it tries to play the horror theme, and the narration could have been better. We expected better from Suriya, but his acting was good in the movie as the only saving grace. Watch if you are sick of real horror films and need some comic variety. Else, use the movie to introduce horror to your (very) small children.

Music, direction and credits are not being mentioned for the above reasons.

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