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Finally its Imraan Khan in 2 States

Finally its Imraan Khan in 2 States

Sajid Nadiadwala bought the filmmaking rights of Chetan Bhagat’s novel 2 States and announced that shah rukh khan will star in it. It did not take off. Then Karan Johar joined hands with Sajid to jointly produce the film with Ranbir Kaoor. Even that proposal has been kept on the back burner.

The news now is that Imran Khan has been sounded to play the lead and he has agreed, though he is yet to sign on the dotted line. If everything goes fine, the film will roll on in the early part of next year.

2 States is a love story of a South Indian girl and a Punjabi boy and the roller coaster ride that they go on before finally tying the knot.

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