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Film writers copyright row hots up

Film writers copyright row hots up

Javed Akhtar, well-known poet, script and lyric writer is spearheading cause of copyrights of creators and artists, whereby lyricists, script writers, music directors and singers get a share of royalty. The film producers are annoyed and the Film federation of India imposed a ban on Javed Akhtar. FFI also gave a call for a one day strike on January 6.

Javed has now received support from the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), Music Composers Association of India, Singers Association of India, Film Writers Association and Cine Singers Association, who have warned the producers that they are all united for their copyrights.

Dharmesh Tiwari, president of FWICE, says that if the producers are going to resort to banning people who have taken up the just cause of copyright, then why not ban all artists and workers because all of them share the same view point with respect to copyright royalties.

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