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Film Industry Doesn’t Recognize Talent

Film Industry Doesn’t Recognize Talent

In all parts of the world scene is the same and it is that many artist come and go unnoticed. Here we are referring to writer Yandamoori Veerendranath who was very famous in the 80’s with his novels.
Yandamoori’s novels were a sensation at that time and the writer came in direction by Chiranjeevi’s ‘Stuartpuram Police Station’ but he failed as a director.
Later he started script writing for other directors but his talent was still not recognized.
Some of his well wishers tried to cast him as a Actor but he didn’t succeed in acting as well.
YandamooriVeerendranath is the best example of how our industry was not able to utilize the talent of such an exceptional writer. There are many other such names in the history of our cinema.

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