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Farah speaks about her film ‘Happy New Year’

Farah speaks about her film ‘Happy New Year’

In an interview Farah Khan says that Happy New Year is genre-binding film and also adds that it is topped with all the ‘typical’ elements. Farah Khan likes the settings of her films to be grand and she says that she ensures to offer twist to a formula. Farah Khan said, “I like to entertain all kinds of audiences with my films. Let me tell you, it is very difficult for a filmmaker to have a story which runs well and appeals to the B-class audience in India as well as to viewers in Britain and the US. I make aesthetic movies which are grand and with some of the biggest stars. It’s not fair to run them down. I don’t make tacky films.”
Farah Khan says, “Heist is a genre, its formula, just like love story and romance is a formula. The obstacle lies in how you make it and how you add your own twist to it. It brings back Shah Rukh Khan seven years after we did OSO.”
This movie will be released at Diwali and its worldwide distributor is Yash Raj Films.

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