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Fake ID of Big B on Twitter creates furore

Fake ID of Big B on Twitter creates furore

Amitabh Bachchan regularly posts his thoughts on the micro-blogging site Twitter. He has more than 530 tweets to his credit.

Some impersonator maliciously created a fake ID of the Big B on twitter. The actor’s Twitter ID is @SrBachchan. The fake ID is @SrBachhann which disturbingly looks almost similar to the true ID. Some unfavourable comments on Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One are posted on the fake ID.

Amitabh is angry. He tweeted: “Someone using my fake ID and writing rubbish… And not just these comments on ‘Ra.One’…many malicious, completely false accusations are being directed to me…I will not tolerate!. Of late a great amount of negative, malicious, completely untrue remarks being written against me…I shall bear with silence…BEWARE, THE FURY OF A SILENT MAN.”

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