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Everything is Fine Between Them

Everything is Fine Between Them

Boyapati is skilled in making a flavorful meal for his fans keeping the larger than life image of a star hero in view. A couple of flops and hits can’t affect him much but he is surely shattered by the remarks made about him by critics.
Boyapati commented that he extracted work forcible from composer Devi Sri Prasad, for which DSP retorted strongly. This happened during the success meet of ‘Legend’ and with this discussion it seems that Boyapati Sreenu and DSP will never work together again. They had delivered musical hits like Bhadra and Tulasi. They both watched ‘Legend’ together in a theatre the very next day and on this the critics commented that it is eye-wiping act and that they will never unite again. Shutting the mouths of the critics, Boyapati picked DSP again for his next film with Bellamkonda Srinivas that started today only.
Boyapati’s latest movie which is also another action love-story on similar lines with ‘Bhadra’ is with Seenu and Tamannah and the film is launched today. By all this we came to know that both the director and composer share a close bond together.

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