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Esha Gupta Refuses A Gift In London

Esha Gupta Refuses A Gift In London

Esha Gupta, who was featured as heroine in Jannat 2 became a dedicated lover of animals and started supporting a number of animal welfare practices. She had recently turned a blogger for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) since last one month. She literally opposed the practice of Jallikattu, a popular ritual in Tamil Nadu, where the youth challenge and risk their lives in taming the bulls as part of Pongal celebrations. Very recently Esha had visited London and as usual while going for shopping she had been to a store, which she used to visit frequently. On this occasion, the shopkeeper presented her a handbag as a gift. The hand bag is quite pretty and she really liked it. However, Esha refused that gift saying that the bag was made of crocodile skin. On learning this, the media sought a clarification whether it is right or just a rumour. But Esha had confirmed the news saying, ‘I am basically an animal lover and I condemn the inhuman slaughter of millions of animals across the globe. I am against using the goods made out of animal skin.’

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