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Erra Gulabeelu Movie Review

Erra Gulabeelu Movie Review

The Film

Erra Gulabeelu is a suspense thriller with a psychopath abducting and killing people but gives a glimpse of why the psycho has become a killer.

The Synopsis

Samar (Veera) lives with his father, a single parent, obsessed with sex and indulges in orgies. Samar is a lonely and helpless onlooker to his father’s erratic behaviour. He is also subjected to sexual abuse by his father. Sympathising with the plight of Samar, Meenakshi (Swapna Abraham), a neighbour, informs the police. When the police arrive Samar’s father shoots himself. Meenakshi adopts the orphaned Samar. The boy is showered with affection by Meenakshi and he gets attached to her.

When Meenakshi gets married, an adolescent Samar is confused and unable to bear the situation kills her husband and sets fire to her. He suffers from

Erra Gulabeelu Movie Review

multiple personality disorders and kidnaps young girls. He chances to meet his childhood friend Sukanya (Sameera Reddy). When Samar comes to know that she is in love with Arjun (Ashwin), he kills him and kidnaps her.

The murders and kidnaps are being investigated by S.P. Vijay (Deva). Samar is finally trapped and remitted to an asylum where he encounters another lady psychopath (Samanta).

The Performances

Veera gives a spirited performance as the psychopathic killer. Sameera Reddy is very convincing as the victim and she emotes well. Samantha is good. Swapna Abraham is credible in her role. Deva is effective as the police officer. All others fit their roles.

The Techniques

Erra Gulabeelu Movie Review

Gautham Menon weaves a very plausible story and the main characters have been etched well. The screenplay, entwining the stories of Veera, Sameera and Deva, has enhanced the narration value adequately maintaining the suspense. Cinematography and editing have effectively supported the story-telling. Background music is good. Production values are high.

The Verdict

Erra Gulabeelu is a well made murder mystery and will be liked by film buffs who are addicted to suspense thriller genre. Even the general cine-goers may watch the film as a variation from the regular commercial formula films.

The Cast and Crew
Sameera Reddy, Samantha, Swapna Abraham, Veera, Deva and others
Producer : Ashok Vallabhaneni
Director : Gautham Menon

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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