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Entha Andanga Unnave Movie Review

Entha Andanga Unnave Movie Review

Story begins with the introduction of Ram (Ajay Manthena) a freewheeling lad, who accidentally meets Neeru (Jiyana) in his new house. Both stay with their families in the same house due to some flat issue with original owner Narayana.
As good bonding starts developing between the youngsters, there is sudden twist. The twist is that Ram forcibly kisses Neeru in the public. Why did Ram kiss her? Will their parents accept their budding love? Rest of the story on screens.

Plus Points
Hero performance is quite good
Background music

Minus points
Screen play

Star Shine
Newcomer Ajay Manthena has little easy in terms of body language and he performed well. Jiya is played the role of love interest to Ajay and she is okay. She is pretty good in some scenes acted well. Sivannarayana (Appaji from Amrutham) seems to be the only person in the film to enjoying his part and he is played important role which is only memorable act to take from the role. Kasi Vishwanath and Benerjee acting as father of heroine and hero respectively play their roles well. Rest of the characters are ok.

Now a day’s audience are expected something new from low budget movies. But he failed to reach audiences expectation on this time. He try to decent idea but way of narration is too weak. The screenplay is bad and the Narration is frail and doesn’t hold interest at any point of time.

Production values are ok. The art work and Cinematography is not well. Editing is haphazard. Music is good and the background score is plus point of the movie.

Overall the film would be lucky to go beyond the first week and that pretty much sums up its box office.

Final Talk
One time watchable movie

The Rating
2 out of 5

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