Emo Gurram Egara Vachu Movie Review

Emo Gurram Egara Vachu Movie Review

Sumanth named as Bullabbai who is jobless happy going guy in his village. He had life time goal to greatly want to clear his 10th Standard exam, at least on his 15th attempt. Bullabbaie has niece Neelavani who is educated in US. In the flashback Neelu gets debarred from her 10th exams because to trying to help her cousin bullabbai in the exam hall. From then on, Neelaveni’s hatred for Bullabbai grows along with her.
Now story turns black and white to color…after a few years Neelavani is back to India. Our hero bullabbaie starts teasing her but indeed loves her sincerely. In other hand neella parents want her to get married to a guy from a well settled family, from their own caste. Neelaveni rejects many prospective suitors and this angers her parents. To escape from their pressure Neelaveni decides to marry Bullabbai just on a contract basis. what next ?rest of the story on screens

Plus points
Sumanth looks good
Pinki Savika looks ok
Good background score and music.
Minus points
Story is quite outdated
Bad direction and poor screenplay
Entertainment quotient is almost zero.

The movie never manages to effectively engage viewers at any point of time. There is a huge disconnect between the film and the viewers and the outdated plot is probably the reason for this. For a plot like this to work, good entertainment levels are mandatory. In this movie, the entertainment quotient is almost zero. First half of the film sails off smoothly even there is nothing special to write about it. Interval scene lacked the punch despite a twist in the tale. Poor writing has been the biggest weakness of this ‘Horse’ and therefore it could hardly race let alone fly! Second half should have dealt in an emotional way. Audience doesn’t get to know the actual emotions and feelings of the lead pair. Director simply places scene after scene without any purpose. But a smart director like Chandra Siddharth tried to serve the old wine in a new bottle but unfortunately he failed to realize that even the bottle is pungently old as the wine.

Technical Aspects:
Direction is too weak .Cinematography is good. Editing is not up to the mark. Keeravani’s background score is very good and he has single handedly lifted a few scenes with his work. Production value is okay

Final Talk
Better to skip this horse… horse has arthritis and also has its wings clipped – can fly nowhere and take you nowhere.

The Rating
2.25 out of 5

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