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Emaindi Ee Vela Movie Review

Emaindi Ee Vela Movie Review

The Film

Emaindi Ee Vela is a story of ego clashes that trounce the idea of made for each other but then contrived situations make the film go haywire.

The Synopsis

Seenu (Varun Sandesh) and Avantika (Nisha Agarwal) decide to get married and get divorced because of ego clashes. Now, Seenu thinks of marrying Nimisha (Nisha Shah) while Ananthika gets close to meets Yuva (Shashank).

Will the new partnerships end up in their respective marriages? or will Seenu and Avanthika reconcile to admit their mistakes? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

The Performances

Varun Sandesh is unimpressive because of weak characterisation. Debutante Nisha Agarwal has nothing much to offer except some glamour. Shashank has not much of opportunity to show his talents. M S Narayana and Krishna Bhagawan appear wasted. All others just go through their motions.

The Techniques

Emaindi Ee Vela Movie Review

The director wanted to convey the message about how ego clashes wreck marriages but the plot he has chosen is clumsy and does not appeal to the attention of the audience. The presentation suffers because of a weak screenplay. The dialogues are insipid. Situations appear contrived. Chakri’s music cannot upstage the dull narration. Cinematography is good.

The Verdict

With Emaindi Ee Vela, it appears that Varun Sandesh is completing a hat-trick of flops. The film is just average. Nisha Agarwal on her debut is unlucky.

The Cast and Crew
Varun Sandesh, Nisha Agarwal, Shashank, Nisha Shah, Vennela Kishore, M S Narayana, Jhansi, Krishna Bhagawan, Pragathi and others
Music: Chakri
Cinematography: Bujji
Producer: K Radha Mohan
Banner: Sri Satya Sai Arts
Director: Sampath Nandi

The Rating
2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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