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Ekta Kapoor Desire to Work with Dolby Atmos

Ekta Kapoor Desire to Work with Dolby Atmos

Ekta Kapoor who is a producer of Balaji Motion Pictures has announced that they have plans to release several of their upcoming films in Dolby Atmos, including the much anticipated “Azhar”, a biopic on Mohammad Azharuddin.

A latest sound technology Dolby Atmos, unleashes the potential of sound in storytelling by giving filmmakers the creative freedom to easily place or move sounds anywhere in the movie theatre, including overhead, to create an engaging cinema experience.

Ekta said in a statement, “With so many projects coming from our stable, our aim is to deliver films that entertain while enhancing every moviegoer’s experience. We want to serve our audiences with cutting-edge content that is supported by the finest audio quality, which is why we have decided to mix and release our forthcoming movies with Dolby Atmos,”.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Dolby to deliver the next generation of entertainment experience to our fans with ‘Azhar’ being first of the many movies to release in this format,” she said.

Introduced in 2012, Atmos has already been used by Indian films such as “Dhoom 3”, “PK” and “Sivaji 3D”.

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