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Ekaloveyudu movie review

Ekaloveyudu movie review

Ekaloveyudu movie review

The Cast and Crew


Uday Kiran, Krithi, Bob Antony, Chitram Srinu, Chalapathi Rao, Vijay, Sudha, Ahuti Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Narsing and others

Ekaloveyudu movie review

Ekaloveyudu movie review


Music: Anil Krishna
Camera: Ramesh Krishna
Director: K R K
Producer: Medikonda Amarchand
Banner: Sri Venkataramana Films

The Film

Ekaloveyudu is made with a novel point as the basic premise, which if treated properly, would have given a gripping drama. With routine presentation this film did not take off as expected.

The Synopsis

Karthik (Uday) is young man with good thoughts and a do-gooder who even indulges in violent intervention for a cause. Irked by his father’s (Chalapathi Rao) admonition, he determines to end his life. Surprisingly, he comes home the following morning with bundles of currency to clear off the family dues. He says that he got a job in USA and he is leaving.

Karthik then lands in Ooty to join his friends ( Srinu and Vijay). He meets Indu (Krithi) who is the rage of the hill station, but falls in love with Karthik. When she responds positively, he surprisingly rejects her love.
In a flashback, Karthik is shown entering into a deal with Bhakta (Bob Antony) who can take the life of Karthik whenever he wants. As long as Karthik keeps the deal, he would get as much money as he wants.
The rest of the story answers the question of whether Karthik would be able to break his deal with Bhakta to reunite with Indu and with what consequences.

The Performance

Ekaloveyudu movie review

Ekaloveyudu movie review

Uday Kiran gives a lackluster performance. Krithi is quite glamorous and needs sometime to hone her acting skills. Srinu and Vijay subscribe to the witty side of the proceedings. Bob Anthony gives a spirited performance.

Veterans Chalapathi Rao and Dharmavarapu Subramanyam give competent performances. Ahuti Prasad has been under utilized. All other actors are adequate in their roles.

The Techniques

In spite of a novel point of someone having the right and liberty to claim the life of another person, and the power of love to overcome it, the story is not properly evolved to be convincing enough. The uneven screenplay makes the narration proceed with fits and jumps. The dialogues do not maintain the same standard throughout the film. However, the music and picturisation of the songs are good.

Ekaloveyudu movie review,

Ekaloveyudu movie review,

Cinematography, editing and audiography are average. Production values could have been better.

The Verdict

An average fare that is neither amusing nor entertaining. A potentially unusual premise has not been expounded in a powerful cinematic idiom.

The Rating

2 out of 5

Revirew by Deen Kumar

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