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Ek Tha Katrina Kaif : The Girl Who Tamed Tiger

Ek Tha Katrina Kaif : The Girl Who Tamed Tiger

The First Look of Yash Raj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger directed by Kabir Khan shows only macho Salman Khan and his stunts. It prompted many to assume that Katrina Kaif may be playing a minor role confined to singing and dancing.

But, a new poster of the film shows a slim and trim Katrina Kaif with the headline : The Girl Who Tamed Tiger. This exclusive Katrina poster is making everyone speculate that she may be having equal footage with Salman.

As the teasers say that the main plot of the film appears to be a cat and mouse game between India’s RAW and Pakistan’s ISI. It is a spy film spanning different international locations and Salman plays the spy.

The unit sources say that Katrina is part of many action sequences in the film. The question now is whether Katrina fights Salman or do they together fight the antagonists? We will have to wait until Eid to know!

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