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Ek Police movie review an insipid police story

Ek Police, film review, an insipid police story

Ek Police, film review, an insipid police story

The Cast and Crew

Nagababu, Laxmana, Gayathri, Dhiraj, Prithvi and others.
Producers : Bhaskar Raddy, Krishna Prasad
Director : Kodi Ramakrishna

Ek Police, film review,

Ek Police, film review,

The Film

This is one more police versus goondas film with an insipid narration with contrived situations.

The Synopsis

In the city reckless goondas rule the roost. They even kill Satyamurthy (Pruthvi) a lecturer. Aruna (Laxmana), another lecturer, who is witness to this murder, is the wife of ACP Jayachandra (Nagababu).
The style of functioning of ACP is shown to be very friendly with the goondas even drinking and partying with them. He nonchalantly takes bribes. He even kidnaps a student Madhuri (Gayathri).
The rest of the story deals with why the ACP behaves friendly with unsocial elements and what his real intentions are.

, Ek PoliceMovie review

, Ek PoliceMovie review

The Performance

The entire film is carried by Nagababu who gives the feeling that he is ok with the role. All other actors appear inadequate in their roles and seem just going through the motions.

The Techniques

The story is stale and predictable. The dialogues lack any punch. The screenplay and direction are lax and contribute to the insipid narration. The difference between the old school of screenplay and direction and that of the new directors is very clear and reflects in this film of the veteran director.

Music is so-so and nothing great to write about.The less said about the other technical aspects of the film, the better.

The Verdict

With lackluster performances, yawning storyline and with no specific theme as such, this film is an exercise in futility.

The Rating

1.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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