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Ee Rojullo Movie Review

Ee Rojullo Movie Review

The Film
Ee Rojullo is a youthful love story of hope, despair, dejection and the final rapprochement and reconciliation between a misogynist and a misandry-ist.

The Synopsis

This is the story of friendship between Sri (Srinivas), a misogynist and Shreya (Reshma), a misandry-ist. They become as such because of their individual experiences.

Sri loves Rajini and even gives her three lakh rupees to help her. But she takes the money and elopes with another boy. Sri gets upset and turns a woman-hater and decides not to fall in love again with any girl. On the other hand, Reshma is just friendly with Karthik who mistakes her proximity to him as love and starts lording it over her. She is disgusted becomes a man-hater and decides not to be close to any man.

As the paths of Sri and Shreya cross, they start quarrelling with each other. She develops friendship with Sri by mistaking him to be a married man. As they start coming closer, unexpected events crop up to twist the tale. Will Sri and Shreya ever able to overcome their respective misogyny and misandry syndromes? The suspense continues until the climax.

The Performances
Srinivas and Reshma, both newcomers, give a very good performance. They are talented and act with conviction. Sai in the supporting role does well. All others essay their author-backed roles with considerable credibility.

The Techniques

Director Maruthi, on his debut, has created a believable story line and executes it with almost flawless screenplay to grip the attention of the audience. The dialogues are meaningful and spicy, but for a few double entendre and risque deliveries. The principal characters are delineated very well. However, many may not appreciate with the way of the film’s pre-climax and climax. JB’s music is a great asset. Cinematography, done with Canon 5D cameras, enhances the visuals while most economical from the budget point of view. Sound design aids the narration flow.

The Verdict
The film Ee Rojullo with a novel theme can be considered as an experimental venture because of the fresh faces and Canon 5D technology employed. It has come out very nicely and deserves a visit to the theatre. The producers of the film and director Maruthi should be appreciated for their guts to make this film particularly when the main-stream cinema ecosystem is riddled with mass masala menu.

The Cast and Crew
Srinivas, Reshma, Sai, MS Narayana, Shankar Rao, Bhargavi, Vishnu Priya, Rakshita and others
Music Director: JB
Camera: Prabhakar Reddy
Producer: Good Cinema Group
Director : Maruthi

The Rating
3 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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