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Eduruleni Alexander Movie Review

Eduruleni Alexander Movie Review

Honest and sincere police officer Alexander (Tarakaratna) takes upon the task of wiping out bad elements in the city of Visakhapatnam. Even as Komali (Komal Jha) falls for his heroics and macho looks, he gets transferred to Hyderabad. Tough as he is, he takes on land mafia and prostitution business of Jinnah Bhai (Ravi babu) and Kottappa (Jayaprkash Reddy). How Alexander cleanse the city of Hyderabad forms rest of the story.


Tarakaratna tried his best to impress viewers. However he couldn’t improve his acting skills. There is no improvement in his acting and it resembled his earlier performance in Nandeeswarudu. Komal Jha has no role to play and only in songs she was used. For her part she looked good in songs. Ravi Babu and Jaya Prakash Reddy’s talents are not used to the fullest. Others performed according to the script.


Director PLK.Reddy came with a stale story and slow pace of the film didnot help the much touted action entertainer. Right from the start the film goes from bad to worse. Most of the scenes came in earlier films and the film is a torture for movie lovers.


Music and background score has nothing new to offer and it is indeed mediocre. Cinematography is too bad. Editing for the film is ok. Dialogues are not of high standard and fights are violence personafied. Production values are of the lowest quality.


Avoid Eduruleni Alexander at any cost.

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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