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Eastwood convinced Jolie will be great as director

Eastwood convinced Jolie will be great as director

Los Angeles, Sep 21,  Filmmaker Clint Eastwood has revealed that he is looking forward to Angelina Jolie’s directional debut.

The actress is set to begin work on her film, about the war in Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 1990s, later this year – and the “Changeling” director is convinced that the actress will make a successful transition from acting to direction.

“She’s a very intelligent gal. I know she’ll do great… She has great a work ethic and she’s very smart. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does,” imdb.com quoted him as saying.

Eastwood also offered some words of advice to Jolie, “My advice for her is to get more sleep than the actors. And to have good management – know what you want and know what you are looking for and go after it.”

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