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Eaga Makes SS Rajamouli A Super Star

Eaga Makes SS Rajamouli A Super Star

Though cinema is known as a director’s medium, right from Hollywood to Tollywood, it is only the stars who get fan following and get mobbed in public. But, SS Rajamouli who made the special effects extravaganza Eega has now achieved the cult status of a superstar.

Rajamouli created Eega as a superstar and in turn Eega made him a superstar as indicated by the social network sites. The film is continuing its golden run at the box office and Rajamouli’s popularity is soaring high.

Now,Rajamouli’s following in Facebook crossed the one-lakh mark and his twitter following is over 2,17,000. This is much more than what some of the stars do have on these sites.

The soft-spoken director has created his masterpiece Eega in the centenary year of Indian cinema.

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